Mercedes-Benz teams of with LEGO to celebrate 60-years of Unimog

LEGO Unimog U 400

60 years ago on June, 3 1951, the first Unimog was created in Gaggenau and in December 2010 the 10,000th Unimog rolled off the line at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Worth. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Unimog, Mercedes-Benz teamed up with LEGO in a first time cooperation where the ‘build it yourself’ company created a 1:12.5 scale of the model.

The LEGO Unimog U 400 is made up with 2,048 parts and is now the largest LEGO Technic model in the company’s history.

The LEGO Technic Unimog U 400 will be available at toy stores from August as well as from Mercedes-Benz. Of course, don’t plan on doing some heavy-duty work with your LEGO built Unimog.

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LEGO Unimog U 400:

LEGO Unimog U 400 LEGO Unimog U 400 LEGO Unimog U 400

Press Release:

Mercedes-Benz Unimog celebrates 60th Jubilee – Mercedes-Benz and LEGO® – first time cooperation: Unimog the biggest Technic model of all time

  • Design true to the original and just like the real thing
  • real functions reproduced in LEGO format
  • 2048 modules thrill adult LEGO fans

Wörth/München – Anyone who always dreamed of owning his own Unimog now has the chance to put one in his garage: The first do-it-yourself Unimog U 400 (1:12,5) will be on offer from August on: The LEGO Group, the world’s third largest toy manufacturer, has created a model with 2048 elements – up to now the largest LEGO Technic model in the company’s history. The impressive vehicle which links a combination of electric drive and pneumatics has been produced in exlusive cooperation with Mercedes-Benz as a true adaptation of the original down to the smallest details. As the world ‘ s most versatile workhorse, the Unimog pushes snow away in winter, mows motorway embankments in summer or helps to construct new roads. The so-called ” Power Functions ” run the pump of a pneumatically operated crane with a gripper arm that can rotate almost 360 degrees. With its gripper and the front winch, the Unimog can move any load out of the way. In addition it also has a serviceable control system and an engine which is accurate in every detail right down to the pistons. The gear unit provides good ground clearance just like the portal axles in the orginal, an individual suspension deadens jolts and the four-wheel drive guarantees mobility off-road as well. For winter use, the crane and winch can be converted into a huge snow plough. The LEGO Technic Unimog U 400 will be available from toy retailers from August on as well as from Mercedes- Benz and it costs about 190 Euros.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog celebrates 60th Jubilee

This top LEGO model comes just at the right time for the two big jubilees that the Unimog is celebrating at the moment: 60 years ago, on 3 June 1951 to be exact, the first Mercedes-Benz Unimog was created in Gaggenau and in December 2010 the 10,000th Unimog from product range U 300/U 400/U 500 rolled off the band at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Wörth. A unique vehicle concept had been created with its outstanding off-road mobility due to its four-wheel drive and fast driving features on the road. Since then the Unimog has proved its worth not only for winter services, caring for green areas or for various work in horticulture and landscape gardening – they are also used for fighting forest fires and planting trees, digging ditches and drilling holes in the ground, as well as shunting on railway lines and disaster intervention over impassable country.

Altogether more than 380,000 units of the “Universal-Motor-Geräts (tool)” have rolled off the line. In the early days, the Unimog was produced in Gaggenau, but since 2002 it has been produced in Wörth. Daimler AG is celebrating this jubilee in 2011 with a whole variety of events.