Last Cadillac DTS heads to Bulgari’s collection of luxury goods

Last Cadillac DTS Produced

Bulgari luxury goods’ vice chairman Nicola Bulgari is interested in more than jewelry and perfume. He is a long time collector of automobiles. His take on his collection is simply “Is it the number or the quality that matters? It’s the quality.”

Every car is selected by Bulgari with a particular intention. He has been passionate about American cars since he was very young. Italy post-World War II brought many foreigners, who brought their cars along with them. Bulgari reminisces “It’s something that goes back a long time. It started when I was 5 or 6 years old. It cultivated an incredible passion that has grown and gotten more sophisticated as I’ve come to understand the history better.”

Bulgari bought his first Cadillac at 25. It was a 1938 Cadillac V-16 Town Car, which many industry professionals consider one of the best cars made to date. He says “It was quite an experience to drive that car because the quality was second to none. The suspension design, the power, the engine… Everything was built with extraordinary quality.”

His collection extends to other Cadillac models, including Limousines, from the ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, and one 1970 Coupe DeVille. A 2009 XLR-V Coupe with a custom Bulgari speedometer and a 2009 CTS-V Sedan also join the crowd. Of the CTS-V he mentions “I want to see some Ferrari or Lamborghini on the road and I will give him a lesson. They’ll never expect it.”

The latest edition to Nicola Bulgaris collection will be the very last Cadillac DTS sedan produced. Since Cadillacs decision to stop making the car, Bulgari knew he wanted the last one made. He says “I like the DTS because it’s a great sedan. It’s the last of an era. I thought it would be wonderful to own the last Northstar in a DTS. It’s one of the best engines ever designed – reliable and a performer.”

The DTS topped all its U.S. competition, including the S-Class Mercedes, BMW 7-Series, and the Lincoln Town Car. Though 2009, even the U.S. president rode in a modified limousine version of the DTS.

Bulgari will be proudly displaying, and using the last DTS as the latest hand-picked member of his collection; but he says “The DTS was a great sedan for its time, but it’s a different world, a new period. It’s time for something different.”

– By: Alexandra Koken