Flood-damaged vehicles expected to hit used car market following recent disasters

Aston Martin in Flood

Buying a second-hand car is about to get a little scarier because some experts at AiM Mobile Inspections said that flood-damaged cars, in light of the recent Mississippi Region floods, are expected to flood the market…no pun intended.

And that ladies and gents can be rather very discerning. AiM stated that buyers should be very conscientious of musty odor smells on the interiors of vehicles, mud in the seat cracks and crevices like the seat belt tensioners, and water or condensation in the head or taillights.

Other hints include sagging headliners, spare-tire wells in the trunk, corrosion and even some foliage.

“I found two fish under a backseat once,” said AiM Mobile Inspections’ Carl Sullivan. “That was a pretty sure sign the car had been flooded.”

It’s also advised that you run a vehicle check using something like CarFax for issued flood and salvage titles, but sometimes they’re not always displayed so a physical inspection is the best bet.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Inside Line