EPA, NHTSA unveil new fuel-economy labels

EPA New Fuel-Economy Label

The EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have unveiled new fuel economy and environment labels that will appear on new vehicles starting with 2013 models. Automakers may also voluntarily adopt the new labels earlier for model year 2012 vehicles, the government said.

The new labels include rating for electric-vehicles and plug-in hybrids but drop the early proposed letter grading system of a vehicle’s efficiency. Earlier, automakers fought back against letter grades, saying that it would deter customers looking to buy large vehicles that had poor grades.

Nothing really new on the sticker – you still have the traditional focus on miles per gallon and annual fuel costs, however a new Smartphone QR Code has been added, which will allow buyers to quickly download a vehicle’s fuel-economy information to their phone for comparison with other vehicles.

Hit the jump for the video to see how it all works.

– By: Omar Rana