U.S. Justice Dept. refuses to pay insurer for Ferrari wrecked by FBI

Ferrari F50 Wrecked by FBI

Out of the 50 1995 Ferrari F50’s existing in the U.S., one was stolen from a dealer in Rosemont, PA in 2003. The FBI located it five years later and held it in Lexington, KY as a piece of a continuing investigation.

In May of 2009 FBI agent Fred Kingston was assigned to relocate the vehicle. The agent extended the invitation of a quick trip in the rare ride to Assistant U.S. Attorney J. Hamilton Thompson. Thompson recalls “Just a few seconds after we left he parking lot, we went around a curve and the rear of the car began sliding…The agent tried to regain control but the car fishtailed and slid sideways up on to the curb. The vehicle came to rest against a row of bushes and a small tree”.

Aside from minor stitches there were no other injuries to the agent or the attorney. Conversely, the $750,000 F50, was beyond repair. The U.S. Justice Department refused to reimburse the owner for the Ferrari, resulting in a law suit.

Motor Insurance paid the dealer for the theft and in turn took ownership of the car. The insurance company filed suit in March after their claim was denied. According to the Justice Department, not all goods are covered while in the possession of law enforcement. Another suit was also filed for the records of the incident to be released. To date, all that has been released was an e-mail sent by Thompson.

The hearing for this case will take place on June 13.

– By Alexandra Koken

Source: Washington Post