Toyota Prius V still on track for U.S. delivery this fall

Toyota Prius V

Toyota announced today that the Prius alpha will be delayed in Japan from its original launch date. While some buyers in Japan will have to wait until April next year for deliveries, U.S. delivery remains on schedule.

“Following Toyota Motor Corporation’s  announcement in Japan today that delivery of the Prius alpha will be delayed, Toyota Motor Sales, announced that the Prius v is still on track for delivery to U.S. customers this fall,” Toyota said in a statement. “Delay of the Japan-market Prius alpha is due to the ongoing effects of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.”

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The launch of the Prius Alpha had initially been set for April, but due to the March 11 earthquake destroyed key parts suppliers and forced a delay.

The 5-seater 2012 Toyota Prius V will go on sale in the United States this fall and will be powered by a similar setup as the standard Prius and will deliver an estimated EPA fuel economy of 42/38 mpg (city/highway) and 40 mpg combined.

Toyota Prius V:

– By: Omar Rana