Report: Ferrari 599 to skip makeover, next-gen coming in 2012

2011 Ferrari 599 GTO

The Ferrari 599 has been around with us for about five and a half years so naturally, you’d expect them to give the 599 a new refresh and maybe a new model, rendering the previous versions completely obsolete. Yea – uhm, no.

Because the Ferrari FF a la their braking breaking new “shooting brake” model has been so successful, an all-new car will most likely replace the 599, says Ferrari. It will be derived from the FF but with more substantial performance.

The new car will feature the same V12 as the outgoing 599 GTO. Yup, that means all 6.3L of natural aspiration goodness that doesn’t stop till you pound 8500 rpm, albeit with more power. Thanks to the help of a new direct injection fuel system, the new V12 should be more powerful and relatively far more frugal than the normal port injected version.

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Now for some interesting boring stuff. Of course in usual fashion, the new car also sheds some weight thanks to an all-aluminum frame mixed with about 20 different alloys to ensure the highest quality of weight, energy absorption, stiffness, panel finish, and joint strength – give me a second to crack my hands and recooperate my brain.

The new replacement will also be more refined and comfortable due to a multi-link rear axle with a seven-speed dual-clutch cogswapper mounted to it as well as a new rear e-diff. Indeed.

Don’t forget their Manettino position – and no that’s not an estranged sex position. That’s the red knob on the steering wheel that changes the suspension damping, gear shifts, throttle response, exhaust valving, and traction and control systems.

Ferrari says that the new model won’t be out until 2012 and the new model won’t be released with AWD.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Motor Trend

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