Continental developing stereo camera to reduce the number of pedestrian injuries

Continental developing stereo camera

Providing a great leap in pedestrian safety, Continental has developed a new stereo camera system to reduce the number of serious injuries connected to pedestrian related car accidents.

The system utilizes two high-resolution cameras working in stereo with each other to actually detect pedestrians in the way of the car, and provide an emergency stop. The system can not only determine pedestrians in the way, but can also determine how far away they are.

“Since the stereo camera also realizes the already familiar assistance systems, such as Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition, and Intelligent Headlamp Control, we think that it will set a new trend in the medium to long term and will be available for all vehicle categories, from compact cars to premium vehicles,”┬ásaid Dr. Andreas Brand, Head of Passive Safety & ADAS Business Unit at Continental’s Chassis & Safety Division.

If for some reason, sudden breaking is not an option, the system will automatically look for an alternate path to reroute the car.

“In the future, the stereo camera will even be able to detect children, who are small pedestrians, cyclists, and wheelchair users crossing the road. We are, in fact, realizing a comprehensive obstacle recognition system, the like of which has never before been possible”, said Wilfried Mehr, Head of Business Development for advanced driver assistance systems.

– By: Stephen Calogera