Hybrid sales take a beating in April due to Japan quake causing supply issues

Lexus CT 200h

The hybrid segment managed to have near-record levels in March – however, following the pinch in supply due to the March 11 earthquake in Japan, hybrid sales took a huge nosedive in April even as consumers looked for fuel-efficient models with soaring gas prices.

“You can’t have disruptions in production, like we’re having post-disaster, without it having impact,” said Greg Thome, manager of Toyota Division Communications, said in an interview with HybridCars.com. “We’re feeling it with Prius, where the interruption in production, coupled with increased demand due to gas prices, leaves us with about a five- to 10-day supply.”

Since hybrids were in short supply, new car shoppers opted for high mpg gas-powere vehicles, diesels or used hybrid vehicles.

Toyota Prius sales in April dropped a whopping 33 percent. The Lexus CT 200h took the biggest beating with sales falling more than 60 percent.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: HybridCars