Kia recalling Spectra due to issue with gas tanks that could drop to the ground

2006 Kia Spectra
2006 Kia Spectra

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that Kia is recalling more than 58,000 Spectra compact cars registered in cold-weather states because (read carefully)┬áthe gas tanks could drop to the ground and cause a fire. We’re not kidding at all.

The recall affects the Spectra LD models from the 2004 to 2007 model years in 20 states and Washington D.C., the NHTSA said on its website.

The recalled models have straps that hold the gas tank to the frame. When exposed to road salt, the straps can rust and the tank can fall to the ground. That in result would cause a leak and a fire.

The NHTSA didn’t state whether the issue had caused any fired or injuries. Dealers will replace the fuel tank straps with zinc-coated parts at no cost to owners.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Detroit News