Ford joins GM and Chrysler, skips 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

2011 Detroit: Ford Vertrek Concept
2011 Detroit: Ford Vertrek Concept

As announced earlier this year, General Motors and Chrysler confirmed that they will not be attending the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show for the second straight year. At the time, Dearborn automaker Ford had not yet made a decision.  The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, the show’s organizer, has now released the 2011 roster of participants on Tuesday, and all three U.S. brands are not on the list.

Ford offices in Japan didn’t return calls seeking comment by Automotive News.

“We’ll do our best to make this year an appealing show,” said JAMA Chairman Toshiyuki Shiga, who is also COO of Nissan Motor Co. “I hope they find it attractive and want to return.”

– By: Omar Rana