All-wheel-drive capability favored with Lincoln buyers

2011 Lincoln MKT
2011 Lincoln MKT

Lincoln said today that a significant amount of its customers are increasingly purchasing the brand’s vehicles with all-wheel-drive. Lincoln, which offers all-wheel-drive on all of its models, said that customers of Lincoln’s crossover and SUV models are more likely to choose this technology.

“One of the greatest benefits of luxury is choice,” said C.J. O’Donnell, Group Marketing Manager for Lincoln. “That is why Lincoln customers are able to equip any of our cars and crossovers with an advanced all-wheel drive system.”

Lincoln said that 72 percent of Lincoln MKT customers and 62 percent of MKX buyers have opted for all-wheel drive so far in 2011. This compares to 46 percent of MKS and 25 percent of MKZ sedan customers. The Ford-owned brand said that the Lincoln Navigator is built with all-wheel drive no less than 62 percent of the time.

“We’re seeing the number of customers choosing all-wheel drive increasing steadily as drivers appreciate the benefits,” says O’Donnell. “More than half of our crossover customers are enjoying the reassurance that all-wheel drive delivers, such that once they have experienced it, they don’t want to give it up. “We see all-wheel drive as a core technology option for the entire Lincoln line-up, both today and for the future.”

– By: Omar Rana