Studies of European and U.S. customers reveal traditional colors are still popular

Ford Customer Paint Preferences Around the World
Ford Customer Paint Preferences Around the World

According to findings from Ford’s annual look at U.S. car buying preferences as well as an international color study by Du Pont, despite an array of bright, vibrant colors being offered with new models, U.S. customers on the coasts and customers in most European countries prefer the classic range of colors including white, black, silver and gray.

“Gray and silver are most popular in New York and Los Angeles,” Ford said in a statement. “San Franciscans like white and Bostonians like black. Only one country in Europe has a top color other than white, black or silver: The Czech Republic chooses blue.”

“The trend continues to be toward core colors – the classics,” said Susan Swek, Ford’s group chief designer for Color and Materials. “We strive within Ford to achieve the best black, silver, white and gray. We’re always working to make them even more appealing.”

Swek said that Ford is continuously upgrading modern colors with a modern twist.

A new core color, Silver Diamond PC (for premium colorant), takes silver to a whole new dimension with an “elegant, liquidy look,” explained Color Designer Jon Hall.

“We’re generally paying more attention to fundamental colors,” Hall said. “They are 60 percent of the global market. Cars and trucks are a major purchase, and customers think of things like resale value and the fact that they want to be seen in the vehicle for the next few years.”

– By: Omar Rana