Forbes: U.S. is still king of making low quality cars

Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

There is no question that Detroit’s Big Three have made huge strides – leaps and bounds even – to produce the caliber of car that is coming out of The Motor City as of late; cars that look better, drive better, are made better, and cars that have greater marketability than before.

“This change is not even a gradual thing,” says Christine Overstreet, an automotive consultant and director of Heels and Wheels. “It’s like they’ve said, ‘OK, we really want to step it up, we really want to compete, we’re ready.’ After past years of being so bad, they’ve really stepped up their game.”

Although they seem to be producing more high-quality vehicles nowadays, they just can’t shake the shoddy quality that made American cars a joke throughout the ’90’s and early 2K’s.

With the exception of three vehicles, all of the cars on Forbes worst cars list were American. Ford, was the only American car company not to appear on the list.

In its defense, the Mercedes S550, which did make the list, is the only car to be included merely because it carries with it an inordinately high cost of ownership. There were no factors pertaining to quality, safety, reliability, or performance when it was decided to include the S550.

Not to be misleading, it is important to reiterate that American cars are being manufactured better today than in the past, and that what it means to be a low-quality car has changed very much over the past two years . The Chrysler minivans of today blow the old ones out of the water by far, but the American’s still have work to do to catch up with the build quality of their competitors.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Forbes