Videos: 2012 Honda Civic ‘To Each Their Own’ ad campaign

2012 Honda Civic 'To Each Their Own'
2012 Honda Civic 'To Each Their Own'

The 2012 Honda Civic lineup consists of five different models (seven if you count the coupes as different models) and to market the diverse lineup, Honda’s long-time ad¬†agency, RPA has launched a new campaign called “To Each Their Own.”

With a tagline that reads “We’re all different. That’s why there are five different Civic,” the campaign focuses around¬†the idea that consumers are all different and there’s a Civic for each one of them.

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The stars of the 2012 Honda Civic ‘To Each Their Own’ Campaign include:

  • Jack: An urban woodsman who drives a Civic Hybrid.
  • Mitch: A zombie salesman drives the Civic Sedan.
  • Teeny: A monster college student that owns a Civic HF.
  • Aiko: A young Ninja girl with a Civic Si.
  • Cesar: A Champion Luchador who drives a Civic Coupe.

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2012 Honda Civic ‘To Each their Own’:

2012 Honda Civic ‘Ninja’:

2012 Honda Civic ‘Date with a Woodsman’:

2012 Honda Civic ‘It’s good to be a Zombie’:

– By: Omar Rana