Dodge picking brains of Porsche owners as it builds next Viper

2013 Dodge Viper Test Subject
2013 Dodge Viper Test Subject

We’ve always had a special place in our heart for the Dodge Viper. Without any stability control or driver assist technologies the car was a true V10 brute supercar that you had to tame in your own way. However, the next-generation model, which is already confirmed to have stability control, is being designed and engineered to appeal to wide range of supercar shoppers.

According to Ralph Gilles, head of design at Chrysler Group and president of the Dodge brand, Dodge has been talking to the owners of Porsche and other high-end supercar brands “to pick their brains and see what they like and don’t like about the Viper or even their own sports car.”

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“It is more of a conversation to better understand this community because, honestly, it is outside our normal brand,” Gilles said in an interview with Automotive News. “We don’t deal with that type of customer on any other level except for the Viper. So we want to understand them better.”

The Viper production ended in July 2010 – the next-geneartion model is due next year.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News