Ford bringing MyFord Touch to Chinese market

MyFord Touch
MyFord Touch

Ford has certainly done a good job publicizing its MyFord Touch driver connect technology featuring SYNC, and now it has introduced the technology to the Chinese market as it debuts the newest version.

“MyFord Touch, combined with the new SYNC functionality, is an experience that Chinese drivers will easily relate to their first time behind the wheel,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development. “When you take technology and apply it correctly for automotive use, we think people across the globe, including many first-time buyers in China, will find it easier to utilise their own personal devices while driving a Ford Edge.”

Among the new features of the system, is a simplified voice recognition command structure, which allows drivers to execute more tasks while using less words, due to the system’s expanded vocabulary.

The system features three LCD screens (either side of the speedometer, center console) and a button scheme reminiscent of modern personal electronic devices. Information such as fuel-economy, mechanical status, audio settings, climate settings, phone communication, and navigation. The center screen utilizes a four-corner layout, which places the central features – phone, navigation, climate, and audio features – within easy reach, as each feature has its own designated corner of the screen.

The system is highly customizable, as drivers are offered their choice of visual layout, color scheme, and input media.

– By: Stephen Calogera