GM hoping to double Chins sales by 2015 with 60 models

Chevrolet launches 3 new vehicles in China
Chevrolet launches 3 new vehicles in China

General Motors is striving to increase its Chinese sales figures by more than 100% by 2015, moving a total of around 5 million units. The company announced its goal Monday during the unveiling of the company’s five-year plan for the world’s largest auto-market. As of now, 60 new and upgraded models will be introduced over the next five-years; 12 of which will be Buicks, and 15 Chevrolet.

The 2015 sales target would be up from 2.35 million units sold by GM in 2010, but it is certainly doable; GM has scaled growth more than 100% in China over the past two years.

“We’ve set aggressive goals with our five-year plan. We are confident that we will achieve every one of our goals,” GM China chief Kevin Wale told reporters.

Wale said that GM plans on working with Chinese company SAIC Motor Corp. to develop EV architecture in the Chinese market, which he expects to grow again in the coming year by another 10% – 15%. One such brand being launched from the new venture is Baojun, which carries with it a 150-outlet dealer’s network.

China isn’t the only market that GM has put on the high priority list; partnerships in India are also being formed to help introduce light vehicles to India.

Chevrolet is expected to be the crown-jewel brand of GM’s efforts, as company brass expects worldwide sales of the brand to more than double in five-years, and sales in 2010 of the former ‘Heartbeat of America” bested the previous year by 15%, and 2005 by 40%

Chevrolet vehicles currently make up 30% of all of GM’s international sales.

-By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News