Buick/GMC IntelliLink infotainment system connects smartphone to car

Buick/GMC IntelliLink
Buick/GMC IntelliLink

General Motors announced today that Buick and GMC will be getting their own version of the MyChevrolet system called the Buick/GMC IntelliLink.

The Buick/GMC IntelliLink uses Bluetooth or USB to connect the driver’s smartphone to a new 7- or 8-inch, high-resolution, full-color touch screen display radio. IntelliLink expands on the current Bluetooth and USB capabilities to allow smartphone control via voice activation and steering wheel-mounted controls. It also enables streaming stereo audio from the phone through services like PANDORA Internet radio and Stitcher SmartRadio.

The Buick IntelliLink system will be available on the 2012 Verano, Regal and LaCrosse models. The 2012 Terrain will be the first vehicle to offer GMC IntelliLink.

“About 70 percent of all new car buyers want some form of connectivity,” said Micky Bly, executive director leading GM’s infotainment engineering efforts, citing GM research. “Whether it’s because they want to listen to their favorite music or explore local restaurants on a Friday night, today’s car buyer expects so much more out of their time in a car.”

Buick/GMC IntelliLink:

Buick/GMC IntelliLink Buick/GMC IntelliLink Buick/GMC IntelliLink Buick/GMC IntelliLink

Additional benefits provided by IntelliLink include:

Enhanced hands-free voice control system powered by Nuance, which allows simple voice commands to initiate phone calls and select radio stations or media from portable MP3 players and smartphones. A tap of a button on the steering wheel enables intuitive verbal control of many radio features like “play (artist name)” or “call (name of contact)”. When a smart phone is connected you can say “tune (Internet radio, station name).”

PANDORA Internet radio and Stitcher SmartRadio allow users to create personalized radio stations based on favorite artists or genres and enables access to thousands of audio programming choices, allowing customers to build a personalized listening experience. IntelliLink integrates control of both of these apps for a driver-directed listening experience.

Gracenote identifies the music collection on the driver’s USB device, MP3 player or smartphone and presents information such as artist name, genres and album cover art on the IntelliLink screen and enables users to select similar music to the tunes they love. Gracenote also improves the accuracy of IntelliLink’s voice activation system by allowing users to access music using artist nicknames, such as “The Boss,” “The Stones,” or “Snoop” using IntelliLink’s voice control interfaces activated through the touch-screen or steering wheel buttons.

Upgraded USB connectivity adds the ability to play music files directly from flash memory devices and gives the customer the ability to update IntelliLink with future feature enhancements.

– By: Omar Rana