LoJack: Honda Accord most stolen and recovered vehicle in 2011


LoJack Corporation has released its second annual Vehicle Theft Recovery Report, which shows results from its 2010 recoveries that provide valuable information on the ongoing issue of vehicle theft.

In 2010, the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System helped law enforcement recover 10,649 stolen vehicles with Honda topping the list of imports. A total of 2,000 Honda Civics were  the most stolen vehicle recovered.  GMs were the most recovered domestic vehicles.

“This year’s report underscores the continuation of a critical trend regarding the recovery rates of stolen vehicles,” said Patrick Clancy, Vice President of Law Enforcement, LoJack Corporation.  “Across the country, an astounding 43.2 percent of stolen vehicles were not recovered.  What this tells us is that today’s sophisticated thieves are getting around different means of protection—including smart keys—and getting away with theft.”

LoJack said a total of 90 percent LoJack-equipped vehicles were reported stolen and recovered in 2010.

Hit the jump for the list of the most stolen and recovered vehicles by make and model.

Most Stolen and Recovered Vehicles by Make & Model:

2010 Ranking                                                                                                2009 Ranking

  1. Honda Accord                                                                                    2
  2. Honda Civic                                                                                        1
  3. Toyota Camry                                                                                    3
  4. Acura Integra                                                                                      4
  5. Cadillac Escalade                                                                                5
  6. Toyota Corolla                                                                                    6
  7. Dodge Ram Pickup                                                                             (New)
  8. Nissan Altima                                                                                     8
  9. Nissan Maxima                                                                                   (New)
  10. Chevrolet Tahoe                                                                                  7

States with the Most Stolen and Recovered Vehicles:

2010 Ranking                                                                                                2009 Ranking

  1. California                                                                                            1
  2. Texas                                                                                                   2
  3. Florida                                                                                                 3
  4. New York                                                                                           4
  5. Massachusetts                                                                                     5
  6. New Jersey                                                                                          6
  7. Arizona                                                                                               7
  8. Maryland                                                                                             8
  9. Georgia                                                                                               10
  10. Nevada                                                                                                9

– By: Omar Rana

Source: LoJack