Honda Insight seeing a surge in sales due to high gas prices

2011 Honda Insight
2011 Honda Insight

The Honda Insight was never really the brightest or most attractive hybrid option in the segment. However, after two years of sluggish sales, the second-generation Honda Insight is seeing a boost in sales thanks to  high gas prices, increased advertising and the spring-car-buying season.

Ward’s data shows that sales of the Honda Insight increased 62.2 percent to 2,782 units in March 2011. That’s the largest monthly increase for the Insight since March 2010, when deliveries climbed 179.2 percent compared with march 2009.

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If that wasn’t enough to make Honda happy, the Insight’s sales last month outpaced the 52 percent increase for the Toyota Prius. Nonetheless, the Toyota Prius still remains the hybrid king with 42,779 units sold in the first quarter of 2011 while Honda sold just 6,058 units of the Insight.

“You’ve heard this bromide before, (but) when fuel prices go up, people think of Honda,” American Honda Executive Vice President John Mendel said.

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Review: 2010 Honda Insight:

Review: 2010 Honda Insight Review: 2010 Honda Insight Review: 2010 Honda Insight Review: 2010 Honda Insight

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Wards Auto