Consumer Reports: New car buyers don’t expect to downsize their next car

2011 Ford Fiesta
2011 Ford Fiesta

With gas prices increasing the way they are, many would expect new car shoppers to go the frugal route and purchase a small fuel-efficient car. According to a new survey conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, that won’t be the case.

“Most car buyers (56 percent) expect their next new vehicle to be the same size as the model they currently drive, but those who are looking to downsize are motivated by improved fuel economy, lower maintenance and repair costs, environmental concerns, and improved reliability,” Consumer Reports said in a survey.

The results come from a recent random, nationally representative telephone survey of 911 adult car owners in the United States. Among those interviewed, a quarter expect to downsize, while 19 percent plan on buying a larger vehicle. The rest said that they are likely to buy a similar sized vehicle.

“Despite the common drive to reduce car-operating costs, not everyone wants to downsize. Many young drivers have older vehicles, and as their careers grow, there is a natural ambition to have a new or newer car that is more comfortable and reliable—often that means stepping up from a small car to a midsized sedan or other vehicle This younger demographic may also be in their family-starting years, and likely in need for more passenger space,” said Jeff Bartlett, deputy online editor, Consumer Reports Cars.

– By: Omar Rana