Caterham Supersport is track-based lightweight craziness for the road

Caterham Supersport
Caterham Supersport

Caterham Cars has released its first new addition to the world-renowned Seven range after two years of waiting. Known as the Caterham Supersport, the model is said to be one of the purest versions yet of the British sportscar.

The road-going edition of the race car borrows all of the track versions performance essentials and then tunes it for the roads and highways.

The Caterham Supersport is powered by a 140-hp 1.6L Ford Sigma Caterham Motorsport-tuned engine and stays true to the company’s foundation of ‘less is more’ with lightweight materials, minimalist features and outstanding handling. Mated to 5-speed sprint ratio gearing, the Caterham Supersport runs from 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds with a top speed of 120 mph.

Prices start at £19,995 in self-build form and £22,995 in factory-built form.

Caterham Supersport:

Caterham Supersport Caterham Supersport Caterham Supersport

– By: Omar Rana