Detroit 3 to increase Michigan job level by 34 percent

GM Renaissance Center
GM Renaissance Center

According to a senior economist for the Center of Automotive Research, the Detroit Three automakers could add as many as 35,000 new jobs by 2015, with most of them landing in Michigan as the three automakers continue to consolidate their operations.

The Detroit Three slashed more than 230,000 U.S. jobs between 2000 and 2009 as they continuously restructured. According to Sean McAlinden of Center of Automotive Research, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are now well position to add jobs as the economy slowly recovers.

The numbers rehired won’t be close to the more than 400,000 workers the Detroit Three employed back in 2000 but their will be modest grown and most if it will be in Michigan.

McAlinden said that employment at the Detroit Three in Michigan should increase to about 137,000 by 2015 – up from 101,936 in 2010.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Free Press