Japan auto industry lost half-million units in month since earthquake


The devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami has hurt the country’s manufacturing sector. In the automotive industry, automakers together have lost production of more than a half million vehicles. Japan’s big seven automakers lost 516,000 units of output as Japan marked the one month anniversary of the massive March 11 quake.

The total figure is still on the rise as many plants remain shutdown until later this month and those that will eventually restart will open at limited capacity due to parts shortages.

Toyota lost the most volume with a total of 260,000 units at its 18 domestic plants. The company has only reopened two plants and plans to bring the rest online on April 18 and only through April 27.

  • Honda lost a total of 58,000.
  • Nissan lost 55,000.
  • Suzuki lost 45,000.
  • Mazda lost 43,000.
  • Mitsubishi lost 26,000.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News