Not that Ferrari owners care but the brand is winning the race to cut CO2

Ferrari 458 Italia
Ferrari 458 Italia

There is no debate that Ferrari owners buy the company’s supercars only for their exclusivity and performance. I highly doubt that they care about how the brand is cutting CO2 emissions, but if they do, they’ll be pleased to know that Ferrari is making the most significant progress of Europe’s high-end supercar makers in reducing its lineup’s CO2.

Ferrari recorded an average of 326 g/km last year, down 46 g/km, according to figures from JATO Dynamics. JATO releases an yearly report into the European industry’s progress towards a 130 g/km fleet average.

JATO said that Ferrari’s cut is equal to 12 percent, which is about half the total reduction that mass automakers are expected to make by 2015.

How did Ferrari’s rivals match up? Aston Martin managed a reduction of 0.6 percent, Lamborghini came in with a 1.5 percent reduction and Bentley dropped 1.9 percent.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar