Audi USA President gives unsatisfied customer a free S4 loaner until his is built

2011 Audi S4
2011 Audi S4

Manufacturers are always brag about how comprehensively supportive their customer service. However, truth of the matter is that many consumers pay as much as attention to these claims as they do with 30-second infomercials on cable television and the validity of these manufacturers’ claims is always put to the test when something goes wrong.

Makers will always have a group of unsatisfied customers, some more than others and these experiences are usually shared with online enthusiast communities. But we here at egmCarTech ran into a great example of the potential in customer satisfaction that automobile companies are capable of.

A customer by the name of Datz from Audizine forums wrote about a little complication involving the delivery of his brand new custom colored Audi S4:

“I have been waiting for my S4 order to arrive for quite a while now. I ordered on December 9, 2010 and was told 75 to 90 days, even though I ordered Daytona Gray, a custom color. My build date kept getting pushed back, from January to February, to March and finally to May, putting my delivery date at sometime in mid to late July. When I got the news of the May build date/July delivery from my SA, I was not pleased to say the least.”

The cause of the delay was Datz’s request for a $2,500 custom “Audi Exclusive” paintjob. After sending several letters of constructive criticism rather than dismay to some important individuals, including AudiUSA president Johan de Nysschen, Audi responded.

Datz received a surprise personal phone call from Nysschen who offered to remedy the situation and explained that the other reason for the delay was some communicational failures at the dealership level. Datz, in amazement, accepted Nysschen’s offer. The president later called the head of production in Germany to have Datz’s car prioritized on the production line and even gave Datz a loaner 2010 S4 to use for free.

Now that’s customer service.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: quattroworld