Jaguar has plans for XFR-S, more details on BMW 3 competitor

Jaguar XKR-S

Jaguar has just recently confirmed that it will be building a BMW 3er competitor to rival the ‘junior executive’ model as part of its plans to expand their lineup.

Even though the XJ and  XF have brought huge success for Jaguar, global brand director Adrian Hallmark feels that the lack of a product range makes the Conventry-based subpar when compared to the likes of BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz.

Plans for expansion include a four-banger diesel option for the Jaguar XF in Europe, which is where BMW holds 60% of its 5er sales, as well as the aforementioned BMW 3er competitor, a petrol V6 option for the Chinese market, and an all new all-wheel-drive/4×4 drivetrain for the North American markets.

Unfortunately no details have been made about the AWD system and the BMW 3er competitor, which will essentially be an X-Type replacement.

Hallmark also mentioned the following: “I can confirm there is a project to transfer the upgrades from the XKR-S to the XFR, but we haven’t confirmed it for production yet. But it would be great to see the XF with 550hp!”

– By: Omar Rana

Source: PistonHeads