Daft Punk auctioning its 1987 Ferrari 412 to help Japan quake victims

Daft Punk 1987 Ferrari 412
Daft Punk 1987 Ferrari 412 from Electroma

Artists and songwriters from across the EMI record company family are raising funds to help the Red Cross support people affected by last month’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan, through an incredible worldwide auction of personal items and memorabilia.

Artists Daft Punk are auctioning off their 1987 Ferrari 412, used in their film Electroma. The Ferrari is in mint condition and still wears the HUMAN license plate as seen in the movie. It is also signed by Daft Punk members Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.

The auction is taking place on eBay and bidding will run from April 11-21.

Visit http://www.ebay.com/EMIfamily4Japan to place your bid.

– By: Omar Rana