Many automakers interested in Lotus Engineering range-extended engine

Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid
Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid

Lotus Engineering says that its range-extender engines have had a ‘significant’ interest from three major automakers. The British automakers is now working with a Spanish components supplier  Fagor Ederlan to develop the engine for production.

“There is interest from several companies in 5000 to 10,000 units annually,” said chief project engineer Lee Jeffcoat.

Some small automakers have also shown interest and have made inquiries about taking delivery of up to 1,000 units a year, Jeffcoat said.

Following its experience with the Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid prototypes, Lotus has significantly redesigned the 3-cylinder gasoline engine. The efficiency, low mass design and effectiveness of the engine was demonstrated in the Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid and the PROTON Emas concepts.

Refresher: The Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid is powered by two electric motors providing 204-hp and 295 lb-ft of torque to each rear-wheel, single speed, reduction transmission integrated into a single housing. That provides for a total of 407-hp and a torque of 590 lb-ft with a 0-62 mph time under 4 seconds. After battery power is depleted, the Lotus Range Extender engine, providing 47-hp, allows for additional miles. Overall driving range of 300 miles.

Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar