Google self-driving car creator says it was ridiculous that humans were driving cars

Google self-driving Toyota Prius
Google self-driving Toyota Prius

Human beings are now irrelevant. Ok maybe not entirely, but in the automobile industry because we probably won’t be driving anymore because Google has recently released details about its fleet of driverless Toyota Prii.

Sebastian Thrun, the Stanford professor and Google fellow responsible for the project and technology said that he made it off of a predicted “time when generations after us will look at us and say how ridiculous it was that humans were driving cars.”

As part of his demonstration, Thrun presented a short video that made a strong case for his ideas.

“Driving accidents are the number-one cause of death for young people and almost all of these are due to human error, not machine error. And therefore can be prevented by machines.”

Other ideas suggest that driverless cars could increase traffic capacity on the highways: “If we didn’t rely on human precision on staying in a lane and relied on robotic position,” he pondered.

Thrun has currently logged about 140,000 miles with the self-driving Prii throughout California. Have a look at the video.

So in the meantime, I guess egmCarTech is pointless now. Oh well, it was a pleasure writing to you!

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Inside Line