Study: Women buying more cars, nearly half MINI customers are women

Sara Jean Underwood’s 2007 Mini Cooper S Convertible
Sara Jean Underwood’s 2007 Mini Cooper S Convertible

Since the last four years, the number of women purchasing cars has steadily increased as a percentage of total sales. According to Polk’s actual registration records which cover every state in the U.S., some 38.5% of all new vehicle registrations are registered to women. That’s up 2.5 percent compared to 2006.

The top five brands that women seem to buy are Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet and Nissan (in that order).

Looking at it from a different perspective, the top five brands based on women’s share of the brand sales include Mini, Kia, Honda, Nissan and Subaru.  Nearly half (47.9 percent) of all Mini’s sold are registered to women. Kia comes in second with 46.8 percent.

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Top Five Brands based on Passenger Vehicle Sales to Women
Brand / Share of Women Market

  • Toyota  15.7% (Represents 15.7 of every 100 sales to women is a Toyota)
  • Honda  14.0%
  • Ford  10.0%
  • Chevrolet  8.9%
  • Nissan  8.8%

Top Five Brands based on Women’s Share of Brand Sales

  • Mini  47.9%  (Represents 47.9 of every 100 Minis sold are registered to women)
  • KIA  46.8%
  • Honda  46.0%
  • Nissan  45.5%
  • Subaru  45.0%

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Polk