European Commission wants to ban gasoline, diesel powered cars by 2050

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Exhaust

In a proposal outlined to EU governments by the European Commission in an effort to cut Europe’s carbon emissions by 60% and reduce dependency on oil, the body has suggested that petrol and diesel-engined vehicles be banned from European roadways by 2050.

The plan also included a proposal for the majority of trips in excess of 190-miles to take place by train. “The widely held belief that you need to cut mobility to fight climate change is simply not true,” said EC transport commissioner Slim Kallas. “Competitive transport systems are vital for Europe’s ability to compete in the world, for economic growth, job creation and for people’s everyday quality of life.”

The commission also would like to see 50% of Europe’s vehicles at zero emissions by 2030. There are also plans for a single railway connecting all airports with core railways for a shift in transport patterns of passengers and freight, and a goal of moving close to zero roadway fatalities by 2050.

DISCUSSION POINT: Is the EC plan too Utopian to ever be practically implemented?

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Autocar