Say what? Chevrolet Camaro to be called ‘Ke Mai Luo’ in China

2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS
2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS

SGM (Shanghai General Motors) announced earlier today that Chevrolet will introduce the Chevrolet Camaro to China at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show. In China, the Camaro won’t be called Camaro it will be called – 科迈罗 (Ke Mai Luo).

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No idea what the means and we failed to translate it using Google Translate – so if any of you egmCarTech readers out there know what it means, let us know in the comments section after the jump.

The Ke Mai Luo with a 3.6L engine will be priced around RMB 500,000 ($76,267 USD).

UPDATE: According to our reader Jon: It’s Camaro spelled phonetically. L’s are pronounced as R’s.

– By: 奥马尔 拉纳 (Omar Rana)