Retiring the legend: Saleen to stop building vehicles by end of 2011

2011 Saleen S302
2011 Saleen S302

Revstone Industries, the parent company of Saleen Performance Vehicles, said today that it will no longer produce vehicles under the Saleen name. Revstone said that it wants to shift its focus to become a ‘second stage manufacturer and a distributor of aftermarket performance parts.’

“The move will allow the company – which currently produces Saleen Performance Vehicles and Saleen Speedlab parts – to leverage its size and customer relationships to provide a wider range of high performance offerings to consumers,” Revstone said in a statement.

“The teams responsible for engineering and development of Saleen bring a level of engineering prowess and passion that is second to none,” said Bob LaCourciere, President of Revstone Aftermarket. “We want to apply that same talent and dedication to second stage manufacturing.”

As part of the refocusing, the company said that the 2011 Saleen S302 Mustang will be the last car produced under the Saleen name. The S302 vehicles are currently in production; all production will be completed by the third quarter of this year and Revstone will honor the warranty of all existing vehicles.

“We feel it is time to retire the legend, and to usher in a new era of performance,” said LaCourciere. “We will continue to honor our warranties on Saleen vehicles, and Saleen parts will be available through Speedlab.”

– By: Omar Rana