PETA’s solution to Mazda6 spider recall? Donate it

2011 Mazda6
2011 Mazda6

It was announced last week that Mazda is recalling 52,000 Mazda6 models because yellow sac spiders are building their nests in part of the fuel system. To fix the issue, Mazda dealers will inspect and repair the fuel system of necessary. However, PETA has another solution.

Here’s what PETA thinks:

If you’re suffering from arachnophobia, PETA will be more than happy to help you out … by accepting your donated vehicle for use in animal rescue work! A PETA member who was deathly afraid of mice once donated her brand-new Jeep to PETA after a mouse popped out from beneath the glove box. PETA gladly accepted both the Jeep and the mouse and will do the same for your Mazda6. And for the spiders who call it home, we’ll also do our best to get them out safely and find them new homes.

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– By: Omar Rana

Source: PETA