Jeep planning B-segment model to compete with likes of Nissan Juke

Jeep Compass Concept
Jeep Compass Concept

In lieu of the recent trends to expand the subcompact ‘B-segment,’ Jeep announced that it’s planning on introducing a new entry-level corssover model this past week at the Geneva Motor Show.

Because of the merger of Chrysler and Fiat, engines and mechanicals will most likely be shared with the Fiat Grande Punto. Engines include a 1.6-liter JDTm diesel, 1.4-liter MultiAir petrols, with power going to the front wheels.

“There’s definitely space in the market for a Jeep-brand B-segment SUV,” Jeep’s CEO Mike Manly said in an interview with AutoCar, “We’re already working on a project that will meet that need, and expect to have the car on the road by 2013.”

The new ‘B-Segment” Jeep will be aimed towards the likes of the Mini Cooper and Audi A1 with a solid list of options to choose from. Additionally, Manly said that if you want an idea of what it’s going to look like, ‘the Wrangler bloodline’ will be very evident.

Jeep hopes that the new model will compete with the Nissan Juke, which is turning out to be successful throughout the UK and Europe.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCar