Christina Aguilera arrested for being too drunk to drive Mustang

2010 Ford Mustang
2010 Ford Mustang

I know that we aren’t exactly the kind of outfit to report on the lives of celebrities. I mean, we are paparazzis – but for cars. However, this one struck us as a little odd.

After her huge mistake with the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, music popstar Christina Aguilera was arrested for being “too drunk to take care of herself” while cruising with her boyfriend, Matt Rutler, in his last generation Ford Mustang.

Rutler has been arrested for suspicion of drunk driving. And that’s a given. Celebrity or not, there should be no tolerance for it. But Aguilera was arrested for her “public drunkenness,” while riding shotgun. A bit preposterous, don’t you think?

As it turns out, according to the report in the LA Daily News, the standard procedure for a DUI allows for deputies to decide if passengers are too drunk to take care of themselves. So Aguilera was booked downtown, fingerprinted, and even put in a cell. Talk about a crappy situation to be in!

– By: Chris Chin

Source: USAToday