2012 Jaguar XKR-S is the fastest, most extreme pussycat ever

Jaguar XKR-S

What you’re looking at here is the fastest most extreme Jaguar ever. Not only is it the fastest Jaguar ever, it’s the most agile, responsive and driver-focused pussycat ever built by the company. For the first time with a series production car Jaguar has exclusively entered into the 186 mph cub with the Jaguar XKR-S.

Power for the Jaguar XKR-S comes from a 5.0L supercharged V8 making 550-hp with a maximum torque of 502 lb-ft of torque. 0 to 60 mph comes in 4.2 seconds with a top speed of 186 mph.

Jaguar has enhanced the ‘extreme’ feeling with a performance active exhaust that encourages the enthusiastic driver with dramatic, motorsport-inspired audio feedback.

Jaguar says that the structural integrity of the lightweight aluminium platform allowed the suspension to be reworked with bespoke components for increased stiffness without compromising comfort. The upgraded aluminium front suspension knuckle and revised rear geometry are coupled to stiffer springs and dampers, lightweight forged alloy wheels and recalibrated steering effort to lower any response delays.

We want to drive one – and yes, we want one.

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– By: Omar Rana