Court orders Mazda to pay family of employee who committed suicide from being overworked


A Japanese court has ordered auto-manufacturer Mazda to pay $770,000 to the parents of an employee who committed suicide over depression from being overworked.  The Kobe District Court ruled today that the 25-year old employee was depressed from overwork and that ultimately led to his suicide in 2007.

Mazda maintains that the death was work-related, but said in a statement that it will review the details of the ruling before it decides on whether to move forward with an appeal, and offered its condolences to the family.

Japan has a reputation for being a country that values what it refers to as ‘hard work’, and has been plagued with cases of individuals being overworked recently, with some resorting to suicide, and others still succumbing to exhaustion.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Detroit News