GM, Chrysler won’t show up for 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, Ford’s decision pending

2011 Detroit Auto Show: Ford Vertrek Concept
2011 Detroit Auto Show: Ford Vertrek Concept

Genreal Motors and Chrysler Group LLC have both decided to sit out at this December’s 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, skipping the major show for a second straight time. FoMoCo is expected to make its decision by the end of the month.

The response from GM and Chrysler comes after all three Detroit’s Big 3 skipped the show in 2009 despite Japan’s efforts to attract reluctant foreign automakers.

While the registration deadline was last Nov., the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, the show’s organizer, plans to announce a final roster of attendees in April.

JAMA said that European brands including major German brands have signed up for this year – however, U.S. automakers are still a tougher sell.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News