Rumor: BMW 1-Series Gran Coupe being considered, probably won’t happen

BMW Concept Gran Coupe
BMW Concept Gran Coupe

You’ve got to love rumors – the make everyday boring news somewhat more interesting. Today’s rumor of the day comes from Scott27, the usual BMW insider with all the secrets BMW fanboys love. According to Scott27, the German luxury automaker’s designers and engineers are playing around with the idea of a BMW 1-Series Gran Coupe – you know that four-door-coupe type of thing.

Scott27 is quick to point out that the BMW 1-Series Gran Coupe is only one of the many concepts being discussed internally at BMW but it may never make it past the conceptual phase.

Nonetheless, we think it would be quite an interesting model if produced. Just images a BMW 1-Series Gran Coupe by BMW M GmbH. Now that’s what we’re talking about.

BMW Concept Gran Coupe:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: BMWBlog