Report: Chevrolet Impala to go largely unchanged until 2014

2011 Chevrolet Impala
2011 Chevrolet Impala

If you want a prime-example of prehistoric automobile engineering, look no further than the current Chevy Impala. A byproduct of the mediocre efforts that plagued Chevys of the past, the current Impala is nothing more than a 1988 W-Body flipped upside down and modernized. Despite its status of being ancient, GM announced that the Impala will not receive any changes other than a new engine for 2012. Well, that sucks.

Codenamed the LFX, the new 3.6-liter V6 will be mated to an all new six-speed automatic and will be the only engine option for the Impala. Once the Lucerne ends later this year, the Impala will be the only car left using the 3.5-liter and 3.9-liter OHV workhorse V6s.

A completely new Impala is expected to come out in February of 2013 and will be built on GM’s Global Epsilon platform, which includes the new upcoming Cadillac XTS sedan and the current Buick Regal.

Now the Buick Regal/Opel Insignia is by no means a poor starting point for a new Impala. But with the interest that the Pontiac G8/Holden Commodore had stirred, the best move GM could make is to reintroduce the Holden Commodore as also the new Impala. We haven’t seen a RWD Impala since 1997 when the last RWD V8 Impala was ever made. With the history and pedigree the Impala name has with famous examples such as the 1967 427 Impala, it only makes sense to bring the Commodore back. If Chevy decides not to bring the Commodore back, at least make it RWD and have the option for a V8!

– By: Chris Chin

Source: GMI