Ford’s Jost Capito talks about the future of SVT and RS global vehicles

Joe Capito - Ford’s director of global performance vehicles and motorsport business

We here in the US of A have always been jealous at FoMoCo Europe’s offerings across the Atlantic. But after several changes, Ford has been globalizing their cars and as a result, their DNA, and even some models have made their way to North America. And it doesn’t stop at examples such as the new Taurus, Explorer and Edge. The new Focus ST may also be receiving the same equipment as the epic RS over in Europe.

“You will see new technology in the Focus ST. I can’t tell you what yet,” Jost Capito says, Ford’s director of global performance vehicles and motorsport business development, in an interview with our friends at Car & Driver.

Much of the desire is aimed at Euro Ford’s revolutionary RevoKnuckle, which allows the Euro Focus RS to handle over 300hp and 325 torques at the front wheels…and just the front wheels, of course with a trick diff. Now I’m sure most of you reading will think, well that’s absolutely berserk. But don’t get ahead of yourself because the RS has been heavily praised for its handling and confidence to give its AWD competition a seriously good run.

Capito, along with Ford SVT PR representative, Henry Platts continued to force the C/D correspondants to beat around the bush, hinting that the RevoKnuckle, and plenty more technology may find its way into the next Focus ST and the new Taurus, especially with GM’s version, the HiPer Strut was featured in the LaCrosse

What Ford decides to do is still in the unknown but the guys at C/D have a lot of confidence that Ford’s SVT branch is in very good hands with Capito. And after noting Capito’s and Platt’s final remarks, stating that SVT is very much committed to ensuring a steady stream of halo cars for the enthusiasts, we’re just as confident as the guys at C/D are.

Chris Chin

Source: CARandDRIVER