Never giving up: LaHood promises to keep focus on distracted driving

Ray LaHood

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has been heavily criticized for his focus on distracted driving, but says that he will keep that at the top of his agenda. “We will not be deterred by false choices about addressing distracted driving on the one hand and alternative critical safety issues on the other,” LaHood said today in Washington, responding to criticism from former National Highway Traffic Safety Administration head Jeffrey Runge.

Runge said last week that the department should focus more on bigger causes of traffic deaths and injuries. Adrian Lund, President of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has also delivered criticism of LaHood’s policies, saying that his texting ban has done nothing to reduce distracted driving-related crashes.

LaHood plans to meet next week with the chairmen of Ford and Chrysler to discuss curbing distracted driving. He has already spoken with executives from GM, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and BMW.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News