Tom Stephens to head GM technology development

In a move that CEO Dan Akerson says will “bring greater focus and urgency to developing leading-edge technology for all General Motors vehicles,” Vice Chairman Tom Stephens has been reassigned from global product chief to Global Chief Technology Officer. The 62 year old Stephens has been with GM his entire career. In his new post, he will be charged with anticipating the next ground breaking innovation, and making sure it is introduced by GM ahead of other manufacturers.

“Customers today expect and deserve the very best technology from their GM vehicles,” said GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson. “Tom will make sure that GM technology keeps up with our customers and keeps ahead of our competitors.”

Akerson is working feverishly to keep GM on the cutting edge. One of his sticking points now, is getting on top of the engineers to find a way to cut production costs of the Volt to a point that they become profitable after 3 years. Akerson has had a number of management shakeups the since taking GM public, because he is determined to do what he feels needs to be done for sustainable profitability.

– By: Stephen Calogera