Need a lesson on MyFord Touch? Visit your local dealer

MyFord Touch

Ford dealers are inviting those who purchase vehicles with MyFord Touch to come back in for a tutorial on the system, free of charge.

“The younger people, and the people who are more sophisticated love it,” said Jim Seavitt, owner of Village Ford in Dearborn. “The less tech-savvy customers need to come back in again.”

A good number of dealers are also hiring dedicated technology specialists to field questions about the whole gamete of Ford technology. Although Ford is not mandating the tutorials, some dealers want the company to reimburse them for expenses incurred.

One major issue with the MyFord Touch system, is that certain on-board systems rely on it for use and operation. SYNC on the other hand, is a system by which customers could adapt at their own pace, if at all, being that operation of the car was not at all dependent on interfacing with the system.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Free Press