Report: Honda speeding up development on turbo CR-Z hatch

2011 Honda CR-Z MUGEN

The Honda CR-Z is one hot looking hatchback… only problem is that it’s a hybrid. We’ve been hearing about a turbo gasoline version for quite some time and according to reports out of the UK, Honda has decided to fast-track production of the turbocharged CR-Z.

Why is Honda moving faster? Sales of the Honda CR-Z in the United States haven’t been as strong as Honda believed and buyer feedback on the hatchback has been so strong, that the firm is now speeding up the development on the faster CR-Z. It could debut in production form at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

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Power will come courtesy of a 1.6L turbocharged unit making between 160-hp and 200-hp.

Are you excited? Because we certainly are.

Refresher: The 2011 Honda CR-Z is powered by a 1.5L i-VTEC mated to Honda‚ÄĚs Integrated Motor Assist hybrid system. It produces a total of 122-hp and a maximum torque of 128 lb-ft. When mated to a 6-speed manual, the CR-Z returns an EPA-estimated 31/37/34 mpg (city/highway/combined). With the CVT transmission, the CR-Z returns 35/39/37 mpg. Prices in the United States start at $19,200.

2011 Honda CR-Z MUGEN:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar