GM, Chrysler buy up prices Super Bowl ad spots

As we reported previously, Audi will have a significant presence in this year’s Super Bowl ad lineup, but they are not alone. With eight automakers having purchased ad time this year, we can expect to see more than 15 auto commercials. The high exposure event presents the perfect platform for automakers to unveil and showcase new offerings.

Heavy as spending is always a good sign that an industry is on the up. In addition to a big Super Bowl commitment, GM recently announced a deal with NBC whereby it will be the only domestic automaker with ad space on NBC network and cable channels during the 2012 Olympics from London.

“For some of these manufacturers, like GM, it’s a way to say, ‘Hey, we’re back!'” It will be a pricey message, though: ad time during the Feb. 6 game fetches between $2.8 million and $3 million for 30 seconds, said Brad Adgate, a researcher at New York-based Horizon Media, which tracks advertising spending.

Chevrolet has thus far purchased five 30-second ad spots to run during the event. Chrysler has also announced its return to the game, although final details are not settled. Ford will not be running any ads during the game, though they are the only auto advertiser in the last 30 minutes of the pre-kick-off program.

Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Hyundai are all also expected to make significant noise at the game.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Detroit News