Rumor: Ford suggests a successor to GT supercar

Ford GT

The Ford GT was one of the few examples where reviving the past was very successful and has since spawned a wave of reiterations from the past. It also proved to the world that out of the sea of mediocrity, Ford still knows how to make an awesome car. But it was very short lived and only about 4,400 were made, so many were not given the chance to buy one. But don’t you Ford fans worry. There are rumors that they’re in the works for a successor to the GT.

A writer from our friends over at Automobile Mag was at a dinner function with Ford’s head of global product development, Derrick Kuzak, CEO Alan Mullay and chief technology officer Paul Mascarenas during press week at the Detroit Auto Show.

And in the midst of drinks and delicious food, Automobile Mag’s Eric Tingwall popped the wondrous question: “Is Ford interested in a successor to the GT?”

Kuzak’s response was very delayed but his body language suggested that he was in search for a proper response, as Tingwall claims, and Mulally had to step in but with an ambiguous, yet metaphoric answer.

“Well I think there are certain things that we don’t want to talk about in terms of four-year product plans, if that’s okay,” Kuzak carefully stated Following Mulally.

It is definitely yearning my curiosity buds to see what Ford is planning and although efforts for a low-volume supercar is controversial to the times, none of the members of FoMoCo suggested that the social and political climate was an issue.

Will it be an evolution to the GT or will it be a completely new car and idea from the ground up? I think a production GT90 or even a SVT Cobra R Mustang reiteration would be cool.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Automobile

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